Gauteng, with its 75% youth population, it is an area recognised as experiencing rampant social problems. SIZOVELELA, a social enterprise which focuses on behaviour change and the identification of opportunities for programmes to capacitate individuals on personal development, leadership entrepreneurial and skills development. The organisation is working with various stakeholders in various regions to forge partnership.

Establish and Strengthen families/communities by reaching out to care, support and develop individuals through social crime prevention/social initiatives thus building safer, peaceful nation free from fear. 

- Aims to provide social solutions to disadvantaged communities/ nation  

- To serve societies that are most vulnerable such as: at-risk children/youth/adults

- Conduct sound leadership/life skills programmes developing responsible citizens

- Capacitate individuals through hard/technical and soft skills

- Engage/participate in Youth Development programmes.

Professionalism, Integrity/ honesty, Open-mindedness, Quality service, Lifelong learning,  Innovative,  Partnership

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We commit to care, serve, uplift and develop vulnerable and disadvantaged communities

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Children/Youth @ Risk
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Social Crime Prevention 
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